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Bangladesh Trade: How BuyerSeller is working hard to make it prosperous


, a wholesale online B2B marketplace connects Bangladeshi suppliers with global buyers. It also provides export backing to suppliers. They carry out online business promotion that is aimed towards each and every companies in Bangladesh.

Their aim is to link Bangladesh with different foreign countries in order to boost Bangladesh trade, set up and raise associations and communicating activities on business matters. With that, they opened the doors aimed towards foreign businesses so that they are able to introduce themselves to Bangladesh.

Statistics made by the Economic Complexity Index (E.C.I.) shows that Bangladesh is currently ranked 61st in terms of the biggest economic system in terms of exports and ranked the 136th extremely complicated economic system. Significant improvements are being made of late and it can be assumed that it will keep on getting better as time goes by.

As a primary facilitator of trade, BuyerSeller is targeting to become the functionary source where they will be able to become of great assistance to traders who desires to export goods to various countries. This will causetrade in Bangladeshto be carried with ease for all those who are really interested.

While the economic system of Bangladesh has become better to an exceedingly great degree in the 1990s, the country yet deteriorates in the sector of foreign trade inside the South-Asian area. Regardless of significant obstructions to development such as the inefficiency of different SMEs, BuyerSeller is currently working and will continue to work in the future on how Bangladesh can make a considerable amount of advancement while making the condition better in connection with foreign investors and making the marketplaces become more liberal.

Bangladesh exports apparels which includes knitwear, socks, tights, and stockings collectively etc. has resulted in Bangladesh to become the second largest garments exporter in the planet after China.In addition, it has become the sole or primary factor for 80 percent of the revenue in terms of exports; Additional products such as jute commodities, household textile, footwear, frozen food such as shrimps etc. have also played a huge part. To begin with, BuyerSeller aims to concentrate mostly on these products.

On the other hand, Bangladesh importslargely petroleum and oil which is the sole or primary factor behind 11% of the aggregate amount of imports); fabric and food products bears 10 and 9 percent respectively. There are additional products as well which includes iron and steel, eatable oil, chemicals, yarn, plastic and rubber objects which holds a total of 7 and 4% respectively. BuyerSeller as a middle agent and an unofficial ambassador of Bangladesh is attempting to make those efforts turn into a fruitful one by enhancing the business relation with different countries.

With the aid of a sourcing platform like this, international trade has turned out to bemuchsimpler compared to the past. What is more is that ithas becomeprofitable towards both, the exporter as well as the importer since all thingswhich they wereseeking foris now able to be determined at one spot.

Nevertheless, global suppliers in addition to buyers are planning to commence trade inside Bangladesh since the proportion of export and import are raisingin a very impressive manner. Producers are extremelyeager to carry out an investment in Bangladesh sincethe future is bright. Not only that, it has turned out to besimple to perform business inside Bangladesh since thetransporting services, logistics and export or import operations have become better in quality to a hugedegree.

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