Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy

(Updated on February 10, 2014)

1. Overview

BuyerSeller.Asia “” respects and regards the right of Intellectual Property and vice versa. We categorically guarantee our clients that at http://www.BuyerSeller.Asia/ the Intellectual Property contravention are utterly tackled and addressed judiciously.

2. Intellectual Property Right (“IPR”) Protection

On our site, fraudulent acts such as the bogus replicas, counterfeits, or any other illegal attempt is verboten and prohibited. If any item is caught as fake or a mockup, we will immediately cancel their membership from our website, as we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality services.

3. Defilement of Our IPR Policy Will Result in Permanent Removal

- The listing will be removed.

- Restrictions will be imposed.

- The permanent suspension of account is most likely to occur.

- The membership service agreement will be dismissed.

The actions that are initiated by our company against the infraction and infringement of Intellectual Property Rights are specified in the following link:

For the details of the implementations and executions click

In any obvious or conspicuous circumstance, the has the full authority to enforce any penalty at any time, any initiative can be embarked by the intellectual property rights holder including the litigation of any particular case.

4. Claims of Infringement

Under the forfeit of fabrication and falsification, the claims of intellectual property infringement will be deployed. The intellectual property right holder makes an agreement in which they reach a decision to indemnify and guarantee free from all claims including judgements which ascends from any exclusion of product listing, causes of action which is in accordance to the intellectual property infringement claims.

Furthermore, the BuyerSeller does not cater any intellectual property infringement claim which is conflicting and contradictory, as this is a neutral e-business platform. The decisions and actions which are undertaken, are not going to be based on any endorsement or commendation of claim of intellectual property infringement. The conflicts between the parties, are handled with caution at our b2b website and decisions are taken wisely to resolve the issue of intellectual property infringement.

5. Online Report System and Its Protection

For the purpose of centralized processing Intellectual property right holders will be required to use the BuyerSeller protection index, so as to claim over any infringement. The BuyerSeller protection facility is provided at our website’s front page, on the top right corner under the ‘Help’ tab.

An effective and efficient network is provided at our website so as to file any intellectual property infringement claim by the intellectual property right holder and they may also file a request, if find it necessary, to basically jot down any infringing listings from the BuyerSeller site.

The following materials are required by the BuyerSeller, so as to initiate the process of intellectual property infringement claim:

  1. The intellectual property possession or ownership evidence.

  2. The pertinent and relevant infringing listings from the exact hyperlinks on the site.

  3. The complaining party has to prove an identity and if the complaining party is not an intellectual property right holder, then they also provide the relevant authorization as well.

For any further question regarding any legal issue or the protection of intellectual property, you may contact us any time, prompt service 24/7 is always available at our website.

At our b2b website, the services are provided promptly and punctually via BuyerSeller protect, where we evaluate the issue of intellectual property infringement claims pragmatically. The members of the claim of intellectual property infringement are going to be informed about the claims and the information of the intellectual property right holders, including their contact and other details will be provided to all the claimers, so as to facilitate them with easy claim-handling and direct conflict resolution.