Infrared Thermometer

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Product Name: Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer 

  • Brand Name: cheerman
  • Model Number: DT8011
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Theory: Infrared Thermometer



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2.send it in 3 days after payment 
3.test it srictly 



the infrared themometer on sale in our company is as follows :




if you want to buy them ,just mail us       picture is  just for reference



model function
DT8280 1  -50°C-280°C  D/S  8/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/gray with yellow 
DT8380  -50°C-380°C  D/S  8/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/black with yellow 
DT8500  -50°C-500°C  D/S  8/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/ red with yellow or blue with gray 
DT8530 2  -50°C-530°C  D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/black with yellow 
DT8650  -50°C-650°C  D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/gray with yellow 
DT8750  -50°C-750°C  D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/black with yellow 
DT8850T  -50°C-850°C  D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/ red with yellow 
DT8850 3  -50°C-850°C D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/lightgray with yellow,                                                                                                                                       emissivity tunableness0.1-1.0/max/min/average/D-value/10 temperature spots memery
DT8011T  -50°C-1100°C D/S  12/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/darkgray with yellow,                                                                                                    emissivity tunableness0.1-1.0/max/min/average/D-value/10 temperature spots memery
DT8011    -50°C-1100°C D/S  16/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/darkgray with yellow,                                                                                    emissivity tunableness0.1-1.0/max/min/average/D-value/10 temperature spots memery
DT320 4  -50°C-320°C D/S  8/1 resolution ratio0.1°C color/darkgray with lightgray,without oil injection,economic packaging
DT520  -50°C-520°C  D/S  8/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/gray with yellow,without oil injection,economic packaging
DT8010 5  -50°C-1000°C D/S  30/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/darkgray with yellow,emissivity tunableness0.1-1.0/max/min/average
DT8013  -50°C-1300°C D/S  30/1  resolution ratio0.1°C color/gray with yellow,emissivity tunablenes


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Infrared Thermometer
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