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GE 06

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50000 / Per Month

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L/C,Western Union,Cash,Escrow

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Packaging Details: All orders are packaged in bulk in export-worthy 7 Ply corrugated boxes,standard sized cartons (22"x18"x15") unless otherwise requested. Delivery Detail: 45days

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Product Name: Bottle Bag

Bottle Bag

We are leading specialist suppliers of reusable jute bags and cotton bags. Our bags are famous for their superb quality.  Our beautiful Jute Bags can provide your customers with a sophisticated carrying bag for their convenience and multipurpose use, thereby extending your brand message to a much wider audience environment.

Our bags have a lovely, strong and structured design, with plush handles.

 As manufacturers we can make any kind and size of bag you can imagine. Over the years we have developed a range of standard designs that will suit most needs. 

Promote your Business and Help the Planet

We all need something to carry our stuff in. Our bags ensure your customer is carrying their stuff in your branded bags for years to come. They're a walking build promoting your message and your corporate identity.

Our bags are good for the planet. It’s far better to re-use a jute bag than to accumulate vast amounts of plastic you chuck away at the end of the day.

Jute bags wine 2 bottles

Jute is a natural rough fiber that is made from the stems of the Jute plant. The fiber is then used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth. As jute is a made from a natural fiber it is both biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Bag Material: Jute Rustic, natural, organic and eco-friendly Jute is spun from the tough fibrous core of a plant that required NO irrigation, No fertilizers, and with every part of the plant used there is absolutely NO waste.

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MOQ: 500 / pieces
Sample Time: 45 / Day's
Packaging: Packaging Details: All orders are packaged in bulk in export-worthy 7 Ply corrugated boxes,standard sized cartons (22"x18"x15") unless otherwise requested. Delivery Detail: 45days
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Bottle Bag
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